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Balklänning Axelbandslös Ärmlös Golvläng Organzapåse Quinceanera Klänningar med Applikation

Sale Price: 1 470 kr

Marknadspris: 6 177 kr

(77% RABATT)

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Balklänning Axelbandslös Ärmlös Golvläng Organzapåse Quinceanera Klänningar med Applikation

Artikelnummer 50707
Säsong Vår,Sommar,Höst,Vinter
Tyg Organzapåse
Halsringning Axelbandslös
Form Balklänning
Ärmar Ärmlös
Smyckning Applikation
Midja Empire
Baksida Spetsar
Hemline/Tåg Golvläng
Färg som visas Röd
Paketvikt 1500.0000
Skräddarsydd tid: 8-12 dagar Oavsett om du väljer en standardstorlek eller anpassade mätningar, skräddarsyr våra skräddare varje produkt för att beställa. Leveranstid: 3-8 dagar Din produkt är klar att skräddarsy på cirka 12-15 dagar. Då skickar vi ut det via UPS / DHL / TNT / Fedex.

Den här produkt är Gjord-för-beställning. Oavsett om du väljer en standardstorlek eller anpassade mätningar, skräddarsyr våra skräddare varje klänning för att beställa.

Det tidigaste ankomstdatumet är 13/06/2020 om order placeras i dag.


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  6. Trumpet/Sjöjungfru Hög hals Satäng Långa ärmar Applikation Sweep släp Klänningar

    Sale Price: 1 276 kr

    Marknadspris: 5 881 kr


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I placed a custom order on this dress and it turned out right fit on me. I can see the quality in the shaping and stitching.

Angela Collins



Hi ,Thank you so much for the dress, it was everything I hoped it would be and more !! The dress fits my Granddaughter perfectly and is so pleased with it. I know where to come now and will certainly recommend you to my friends and family. Yours Sincerely.




My daughter looked absolutely stunning in her dress. She received the dress quickly and it was exactly what we ordered. Thanks for great service. Will definitely use you in the future. It was the third dress we bought from you.




Unbelievable quality fabric for a very reasonable price. Fits perfect. The dress is very well finished.




The dress itself is amazing, excellent fit and totally perfect, Im going to be wearing it to my debs ball and I simply cant wait for it.

Kimberly Bennett



The quality is high, higher than many similar dresses. I searcher dresses in real stores for many times, but its so dear. I think I don't need to spend a lot of money on a dress. It's a way of wasting money. So I turned to you. Thank you very much.




I was really worried it could not arrive on time before placing the order. But it surprised arrived here in time. Thanks my gosh! The dress is good and needn't any alterations on.




The dress is very nice, good quality. Size charts were mostly accurate, so I need not have it hemmed.




It is a perfect fit and looks fantastic. Great price and come in time.Thank you so much. I bought it for my sister. She loved it and really fit with her. It looked shine on my sister.

keith flint



I love my dress. It looks so gorgeous. I have worn it for three times. So you can see how much I love this dress. It is one of my favorite dresses. It fits me well and makes look very pretty.




I am so fortunated to get a so charming dress on your website, I will buy another one for my twin sister , the size is the same , I hope you can process the same good one for my sister . Thanks you ahead!




Received my dress last week, and want to say wow, really beautiful, measurements were perfect, really pleased with the delivery times it was at my door 20 days from ordering,now i just can't wait to show it off on my big day.




It is in great condition and fits me perfectly. It is really a surprise to me!




Lovely color and beautifully made. Standard size ordered and fits perfectly. Many thanks.




This dress is absolutely stunning! The pattern is gorgeous and the style is so classy! The fit is good , I bought it because it is so unique and the material is beautiful. I love it very much.




Perfect dress! The color looks great! The fabric and stitches are all of great quality. I love the design too! It's really beyond what such a low price could offer.




I just got this dress and it is fantastic!!! Absolutely gorgeous and good details. Looks amazing on me.

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